Alikianos/ Episkopi Agias, Koufós, 73005, Greece
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Light and airy, the Green orange Villa luxury accommodation in Koufos village, near Alikianos, Chania has been designed to embody a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that balances the lines between sustainability, relaxation and indulgence. Both, first floor apartment and ground floor apartment are beautifully fitted with quality furnishings and deluxe amenities so as to ensure a wonderful and charming stay.

The Green Orange Villa is considered one of the best vacation villa in Chania as it caters for all types of travelers and it is conveniently located near Alikianos village and in close proximity to the Aghia Lake offering guests the perfect base for relaxation and excursions. Providing finest luxury accommodation, this magnificent villa with its wonderful organic groves, the brilliant exterior swimming pool and its spectacular birds farm will sure turn any stay into an experience to cherish for life.

Discover the amenities and values of our exceptional villa througt this video gallery or by visiting our playlist.

[youtube video= ] First Floor Apartment
[youtube video=] Ground Floor Apartment

[youtube video=] Green Orange Villa’s Facilities
[youtube video=] Green Orange Villa’s Amenities

[youtube video=] The Green Orange Villa’s Organic Farm

[youtube video=] Green Orange Villa’s Birds Farm & Organic Groves